Shoreline Digital and Awake Tomorrow's Success in Combating the Fentanyl Crisis

Discover how Shoreline Digital helped Awake Tomorrow, a non-profit orginization, through a re-branding and website redesign project that led to sold-out merchandise and substantial donations to aid in their mission to combat the fentanyl crisis.

Awake Tomorrow is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the fentanyl crisis by raising awareness, providing educational resources, and distributing fentanyl testing strips. They partnered with Shoreline Digital to redesign their website and build an e-commerce platform to support their cause.

Awake Tomorrow faced challenges with their existing website and fundraising efforts. They sought Shoreline Digital's expertise to revamp their digital presence and enhance their outreach.

Through in-depth discussions, the teams identified the objectives: redesign the website, develop an e-commerce platform, and optimize the website for fundraising.

Website redesign, modernizing the tech-stack and new ecommerce site

Shoreline Digital proposed a comprehensive redesign that not only enhanced the visual appeal but also modernized Awake Tomorrow's website using cutting-edge technologies. As part of the revamp, the decision was made to migrate from the outdated WordPress platform to a more robust and scalable tech stack. Shoreline Digital recommended utilizing Vue.js and Nuxt, a powerful JavaScript framework, to deliver a smoother user experience and improved performance. By leveraging Vue.js and Nuxt, Awake Tomorrow's website gained interactivity and responsiveness, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement for visitors. The modular nature of Vue.js allowed for efficient code organization and easier maintenance, while Nuxt's server-side rendering capability contributed to enhanced SEO and faster page loading times, increaasing organic traffic and user satisfaction.

To empower Awake Tomorrow's team with the ability to manage content effortlessly, Shoreline Digital integrated the Contentful CMS (Content Management System). Contentful provided a user-friendly interface for content creation, editing, and publishing, enabling Awake Tomorrow to update their website with ease. This streamlined workflow allowed the organization to focus on their mission and deliver up-to-date and engaging content to their audience.

Overall, the migration to Vue.js/Nuxt and the adoption of the Contentful CMS marked a significant technological leap for Awake Tomorrow. The new tech stack provided a solid foundation for the website's redesign, resulting in an improved user experience, enhanced performance, and streamlined content management.

Results and Impact:

Shoreline Digital's expertise in web development and digital marketing played a crucial role in Awake Tomorrow's success. The partnership resulted in a substantial increase in merchandise sales, donations, and community impact. This case study exemplifies the positive change that can be achieved through strategic web development partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Shoreline Digital and Awake Tomorrow's Success in Combating the Fentanyl Crisis